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The truth on marriage

Seth Goldin
The Cavalier Daily, November 9, 2007

Manuel Lopez's article attacking gay marriage fails to recognize that marriage is a socially constructed institution. Traditional marriage does not have the objective purpose of encouraging procreation, and it cannot be objectively defined as existing correctly between a man and a woman. His ridiculous idea that procreation would somehow stop, or even slow, because of allowing homosexuals to receive the benefits of a legal contract, is dismissible gibberish.

Lopez commits a disturbing number of logical fallacies, like appealing to tradition. He begs the question: marriage is between a man and a woman, so gay marriage is an imitation. Finally, with his straw man, he asserts that imitations fail.

Marriage is a legal contract, and some citizens are being denied the ability to acquire such a legal contract because of a hateful remnant of Puritanical "morality."

Seth Goldin